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The Buckmark is one of the new entries in the .22 Automatic field. It is unusual in that the frame is machined out of solid stock. The frame is not a casting, forging or stamping. This pistol has a very accurate barrel, and is steadily increasing in popularity as its virtues are discovered for target shooting, plinking and small game hunting.

Because of its functional nature we chose to make grips for the Buckmark in our Ultima Target style, designed with a modest thumbrest and finger grooves for control and accuracy.

FITTING INFO: ALTAMONT® does not currently offer any grip for the URX model Buckmarks. You can find grips for the UDX frame HERE on the website.

PURCHASING NOTES: The newer Browning Buckmark UFX frame comes stock with a hex screw rather than a slotted screw. We will need to drill larger holes to accommodate the widened screw heads before shipping. Click "Buy It" to add your grip of choice to the shopping cart. Then click "Customize Your Grips" to select the Hex Screw Option for the widened screw counter-bores if needed.


Browning Buckmark Ultima Panel Super Walnut Oak Tree

Browning Buckmark Ultima Panel Super Walnut Checkered Engraved

Browning Buckmark Ultima Panel Silverblack

Browning Buckmark Ultima Panel Bonded Ivory

Browning Buckmark Ultima Panel Super Rosewood Checkered Engraved



Browning Buckmark Ultima Fingergroove Super Rosewood